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6 Ways to Get Your Dog’s Energy Out

family-footerWhile your dog’s exercise requirements depend on her age, breed, size, and health, the general recommendation is to give canines between 30 minutes and two hours of exercise daily. By tiring out your dog during the day, she’s more likely to sleep at night and not engage in destructive, restless behavior. Here are six ways to get your dog’s energy out.

Go on a Walk or Hike

Maybe it’s a bit too obvious, but the tried-and-true method of tiring out a dog is to take her for a walk. Stay close to home with a walk around the neighborhood or drive to Hoyles Mill Conservation Park, Seneca Creek State Park, or another scenic spot around Germantown for more of a hike. Your pup will love the extra stimulation that comes from exploring the sights and sounds of a new area.

Play Fetch Down the Stairs

Most dogs love to play fetch. While this game is physically tiring in its original form, you can get your dog’s energy out even faster by tossing a ball down a flight of stairs. With this game, your dog does all the work while you sit contentedly at the top of the stairs.

Blow Bubbles

At times, owning a dog feels a lot like having a child. If your pup likes to chase, blowing bubbles in the backyard is a quick and easy game to tire her out. To ensure complete safety, use bubble solution designed for dogs. Flavors like peanut butter or chicken make them even more fun to catch than ordinary bubbles!

Hide Treats & Toys

Show your dog a treat or toy she really likes and get her excited about it. While another person restrains her, hide the treat out of sight a few feet away, such as behind the sofa or around the corner. Let go of her collar and tell her to “find it!” When she does, give her lots of praise. After a few successes at this easy level, increase the difficulty by hiding the treat or toy further away.

Enjoy Playtime with Other Dogs

Socializing your dog is a great way to avoid behavior issues, especially if you start at a young age. Contact a friend and set up a play date for your dogs. This way, you get to enjoy hanging out with a friend while your dogs tire each other out. This is most effective if you have a friend with a dog of similar size, age, and personality.

Teach Your Dog Tricks

A bit of skill training gives you a way to teach your dog new tricks. Plus, the learning process is mentally and physically stimulating, which might be just what you need to get your dog’s energy out. Start with simple obedience commands such as sit, down, and stay. Then, try more physical tricks like roll over, shake, and spin.

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