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What Pets Are Best for Apartments?

Apartment living has its advantages. A maintenance team fixes your appliances, the grounds crew takes care of the yard work, and you don’t have to shovel the sidewalks when it snows. But there are some downsides too, especially for animal lovers. Some pets are simply too big, too noisy, or too active for apartment life. On the other hand, some pets are perfectly content in an apartment setting. Here are the best types of pets to have if you rent an apartment.


It’s common for cat owners to keep their pets inside for safety reasons. This makes it easy to own a cat while living in an apartment. There’s no need to go on walks, and cats take care of their own bathroom needs in a litter box. Small toys, scratching posts, and a windowsill perch provide ample exercise and entertainment for your apartment-dwelling cat.

Small Dogs

Even if you’re a dog person, don’t despair—some breeds, especially those on the smaller side, are perfectly happy with the amount of space an apartment provides. These include Pugs, Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Cocker Spaniels, Bichon Frises, Chihuahuas, and others. Just remember, you’ll need to go up and down the stairs or elevator multiple times a day for bathroom breaks and walks. It’s also best if there’s a grassy courtyard or park nearby where you can take your dog to stretch his legs.

Small Rodents

Often referred to as “pocket pets,” small rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, and mice are well-suited for apartment living. They often spend most of their time in a cage, though you should give them plenty of supervised playtime around the apartment each day as well. You’ll also need to clean the cage frequently to keep your pocket pet healthy and prevent unpleasant odors.

Ferrets and Rabbits

Though on the larger side, ferrets and rabbits are still considered pocket pets. These can be a good compromise between a low-key gerbil and a higher-maintenance cat. Just remember to do your research. For instance, some rabbit breeds are friendlier with children than others, and ferrets aren’t right for everyone. You’ll need to rabbit- and ferret-proof at least one room in your apartment so your pet can enjoy exercise and mental stimulation outside of the cage each day.

Schedule Cat, Dog, or Pocket Pet Vet Care at Germantown Vet Clinic

Before you bring home a new puppy, a new kitten, or a pocket pet, be sure to check with your landlord. You don’t want to surrender your animal if you find out no pets are allowed on the property!

To ensure your new landlord-approved animal gets off to a healthy start, bring your dog, cat, or pocket pet to Germantown Vet Clinic for a check-up. We help new pet owners save on vet care with affordable wellness plans that spread out the cost of services throughout the year. With our help, you can prioritize quality vet care without surprise expenses!

For more pet care tips, or to schedule an appointment for your animal, please contact Germantown Vet today at (240) 252-7467.

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