10 Reasons To Consider Dog Boarding

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Along with all the reasons to consider dog boarding, you’ll see why more people are making more trips to their nearest doggie hotel. With life returning to normal, work hours and travel trips are picking up. If you expect to stay long at the office or are planning a week-long getaway and aren’t sure how to keep your pet cared for, boarding your dog could prove to be an exceptional solution for you. Read on to learn why you should consider dog boarding.


It can be hard to know who to trust with your furry companion, especially when you’re a couple hundred miles away. While some people consider pet sitters, there are downsides to this option. Firstly, you may not be entirely comfortable having someone you don’t know in your home. Further, it’s impossible to know every aspect of someone else’s home to ensure it’s 100% safe for your pet. At Germantown Vet, your dog stays in a safe facility with trained professionals who have experience with all breeds and sizes, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.


If you’re the owner of a single pet, it’s understandable that your fur baby may not get a whole lot of interaction with other pets. While your dog loves having you around, having them get acquainted with other dogs can help relieve them of separation anxiety. At our pet resort, your dog will be able to meet all sorts of new dogs under the care of professionals to ensure your dog socializes safely.

Medical Attention

Being the owner of a dog with medical needs means having to make sure any boarding facility you choose has everything your dog requires. We not only have a pet resort that offers dog boarding services, but we’re also the most trusted animal hospital on this side of Montgomery County. We provide veterinary services ranging from x-rays and preventative care to senior pet and advanced vet care, so you feel at ease knowing your dog’s health is our top priority. Additionally, all pets age ten years or younger are covered up to $300 in medical care.

Activity and Exercise

As they say – a walk a day keeps the vet away. While you may not be able to take your dog on their daily walks while you’re away, Germantown Vet offers private walks and a private dog run. We also provide both an indoor and outdoor play area where your dog can burn off energy.


Some dog owners opt to leave their dog home alone if they’re going on a short trip for a day or two, but we strongly advise against this. When left alone, adult dogs who may have not otherwise had any issues can suddenly tear apart furniture and relieve themselves indoors due to stress and separation anxiety. When your dog is at German Vet’s Pet Resort, they’ll have round-the-clock supervision, so your home stays exactly how you left it.


A dog’s dietary needs are crucial and need to remain consistent – which can be difficult if you’re not close by. At our dog boarding facility, you can expect your dog to have a constant supply of fresh water and top-quality dog food, though it’s recommended to bring your own for consistency purposes.

Travel Accommodation

As much as we love our furry companions, the truth is we can’t take them everywhere we go. Often, dogs can experience separation anxiety when unable to remain with their owners in a plane’s cabin, nor is it certain that your destination would be pet-friendly. Whether it’s a few days or a couple of weeks, our Germantown Pet Resort can help easily accommodate your dog as you travel.

In-home Social Events

Maybe as a more social butterfly, you might be planning a get-together with a couple of friends or colleagues or having family stay over for the week. If your dog has difficulty adjusting to newcomers into your home, dog boarding is the perfect solution for you! Your dog gets to enjoy a relaxing and interactive stay while you get to mingle without worrying about friends and family getting barked at or suffering from allergies.

Long Work Hours

Now that most of us are going back to the office, it’s possible for large projects to come up, causing you to spend longer-than-normal hours at work. When that happens, Germantown Vet is there for you. Here, your dog gets access to exercise, activities, and other dogs to socialize and play with while you bring home the bacon – literally.

Limited Living Arrangements

Whether it’s due to moving into a smaller place or dealing with renovations, we can’t always give our furry loved ones all the space they deserve, nor do we have the time to spend hours at a park. At our pet resort, your dog can run free in both our indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as have access to a private dog run so they can stretch, run, and play all day long.

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