What Dog Food Is Best?

You know your diet greatly impacts your health, so you probably watch what you eat. Do you give the same courtesy to your dog? If you want your pet to avoid some of the most common illnesses caused by poor diet—including obesity, arthritis, diabetes, gum disease, and cancer—you must take pet nutrition seriously. Here’s what dog food ingredients to look for and what to avoid.

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Is It Okay for My Pet to Eat Bugs?

Even if your pet is completely satisfied with her dog or cat food and a daily treat, she’s still likely to hunt bugs inside and outside your home—and maybe even eat them. It may be gruesome to watch your feline feast on a helpless moth or see your dog wolf down a juicy grasshopper, but this behavior is natural. As long as it doesn’t lead to unusual symptoms, eating the occasional bug isn’t likely to hurt your pet. Of course, there are some inherent risks in allowing your pet to eat bugs, so consider the following.

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Is It Okay to Feed Cats Tuna?

So, the verdict is in: and milk is out—at least as a regular part of your kitty’s healthy diet. But can you feed your cat tuna?

Everyone knows about the relationship with cats and fish (that is, our kitties love fish, and fish probably aren’t too fond of cats), but is it safe to pop open a can of tuna when you’re looking for a good kitty treat?

The short answer is: yes, you can feed your cat tuna, but not too often, and not too much!

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Can Cats Drink Milk?

Why Cats Can't Drink Milk

Everyone has seen footage of cats lapping up cow milk from a saucer. They clearly love it! Milk seems like the quintessential feline treat, but the truth is most cats are lactose intolerant and can’t properly digest it. If you’re looking for something your cat will enjoy without resulting in an upset tummy, it’s best to steer clear of cow’s milk. Continue reading “Can Cats Drink Milk?” »

Is It Bad for Cats to Eat Dog Food?

Many cats are picky eaters and won’t touch anything but the most delectable wet cat food. Others are keen to munch on just about anything they come across, including dog food. But just because your cat wants to eat dog food doesn’t mean it’s healthy for him. After all, there are reasons kibble is labeled “cat food” or “dog food,” and not simply “pet food.”

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