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Fun Dog Exercises

family-footerAre you getting bored of making the same circle around your neighborhood with your pooch? We have some fun exercises you can try with your dog to add a little excitement to your normal routine.

  1. Frisbee or catch – these are great games to play with dogs. They will naturally want to chase anything you throw, and while your dog may or may not be a natural retriever, it can be a fun new skill for your pet to learn. 
  2. Hide and seek – we’re not talking about the traditional hide and seek where you would run off from your dog and wait for him or her to find you—we mean hiding a treat or a ball and letting your dog find it. You can start by having your dog sit in place and then hiding a small flavorful treat somewhere nearby. When you say go, your dog can run around sniffing the house or yard until he or she finds the treat. As your dog gets better at tracking things down, you can move to bigger areas, harder hiding places, and replace food with toys or other items.
  3. Hiking in Montgomery County, we have access to a lot of great hiking and walking paths, including the canal path along the Potomac River and hiking in the Catoctin Mountains near Frederick, MD. You can take in the beautiful scenery while getting some exercise.
  4. Agility courses – you don’t have to have a complete agility course in your back yard to be able to work on agility. You can set up obstacles for your pet to jump over or crawl under, such as a large stick set on two chairs.
  5. Training – another fun exercise to do with your dog is simple training. Dogs love to learn and enjoy feeling like they have a task to complete. Teaching your dog new skills is a great way to incorporate both physical and mental exercise into your pet’s daily routine.

Help with Pet Weight Management

Do you need help keeping your dog at a healthy weight? The experts at Germantown Vet provide complete diet and weight management services, including setting up nutrition plans and exercise schedules.

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