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Caring for Your Pets During COVID-19

We are all facing unprecedented changes in our work lives, social lives, and family lives during this shelter-in-place response to the coronavirus pandemic. This situation is very difficult for everyone; however, many do not realize the unique challenges pet owners face.

Germantown Vet understands that your furry companions are also affected by the outbreak and that you have to ensure their needs are met during this difficult time.

If you’re worried about whether your pet can get the coronavirus or have any other questions about your pet’s health, contact Germantown Vet online or call our trusted veterinarians at (240) 252-7467 today.

How to Care for Your Pet During COVID-19

Many people are enjoying spending more quality time with their furry friends now that we’re staying in at home. However, spending time outside in public with our pets (like at parks) may be more difficult.

To ensure your pet is getting the mental and physical stimulation from the outdoors that he or she needs to thrive during this time, you should consider different ways to keep him or her moving and engaged. Here are some ways to keep your pet moving:

  • Play “hide and seek” with your pet
  • Build an indoor obstacle course
  • Train your pet to use the treadmill

Training Opportunities

Do you have extra time on your hands due to the coronavirus? Now is a good time to use your skills in positive reinforcement training. With some treats and rewards, you can teach even your old pup some new tricks.

Puzzle Toys

During this time, you can also order some puzzle toys online to get your pet thinking. Mental stimulation can help your pet manage the anxiety that comes with learning a new routine, managing with less exercise, and dealing with residual stress from the family during these difficult times.

Indoor Exercise

For some people, going outdoors for regular playtime is impossible during the spread of coronavirus. Now is the time to consider some creative ways to get your pet moving – even if you’re cooped up in your house or apartment. Indoor exercise is a win for everyone, both pets and family.

Look Out for Your Pet During COVID-19

Our pets rely on us at all times, but especially during this difficult time in society. Whether you’re simply looking for ways to keep your pet busy and happy or your pet is handling a sickness or emergency, our team at Germantown Vet is here for you.

Contact our team online or call our vets at (240) 252-7467. Germantown Vet applauds your efforts to help your pet(s) make it through the coronavirus pandemic safely.

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