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Why Is My Dog Coughing?

family-footerMuch like humans, it’s normal for dogs to cough every now and again; however, persistent coughing can be a warning sign that something more serious is going on. There are a number of illnesses that dogs can contract that will lead to coughing, some more serious than others.

If you have a dog with a persistent cough in the Montgomery County, MD area, visit our animal hospital today! Call us at (240) 252-7467 or contact us online to make an appointment!

Reasons Why Your Dog Is Coughing

Although the list of reasons why your dog is coughing could be endless (and can’t be accurately diagnosed until a visit with the vet), here are a few of the most common causes for coughing in dogs:

  • Kennel Cough: This is a big one, and it’s one of the most common causes of coughing in dogs. Kennel cough is a deep, hacking cough that is incredibly contagious. If your dog was recently at a groomer, vet, dog park, etc. and developed a cough, it’s important to get to the vet ASAP. We can prescribe the right antibiotics to get your dog on the mend as quickly as possible (this usually takes a week, but results may vary).
  • Heartworms: Heartworms can cause coughing in your dog. Treatment is incredibly difficult and painful for your pet, so the best, and safest, course of action for your dog is to take preventative measures. Learn more about heartworms and other parasites »
  • Distemper: This is a serious illness which can be dangerous for your dog. The virus is easily spread through the air, but thankfully, it can be prevented with a yearly vaccine. Make sure your dog is vaccinated »
  • Lung Problems: Your dog could have any number of lung problems or illnesses, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, fungal infections, or a cold. In very rare cases, lung cancer can be the culprit, but you shouldn’t jump to conclusions without visiting us first.
  • Heart Disease: In addition to a long list of other health problems caused by heart disease, coughing can be a symptom. Your dog’s weakened heart can put pressure on your pet’s lungs and airways. Learn more about heart disease in dogs »

Schedule an Appointment for Your Coughing Dog!

Unfortunately, we can’t diagnose your pet over the internet or the phone, so it’s important to make an appointment with our experienced veterinarians at Germantown Vet. Located at the corner of Wisteria and Father Hurley, we’re conveniently located for families in the Montgomery County and Frederick County, MD areas.

Contact us online or by phone at (240) 252-7467 to schedule an appointment!

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