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Why Is My Dog Shaking?

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It’s common for dogs to shake or tremble, but most often, pet owners aren’t sure why. While shaking or trembling is often associated with cold temperatures and small breeds, it can be a warning sign that your dog is feeling unwell.

Seeking professional treatment from Germantown Vet is the best way to ensure your dog is healthy and happy.

We care about pet care. Call 240-252-7467 or contact us to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian and find out why your dog is frequently shaking.

Common Causes for Shaking

You likely notice when your dog is shivering due to cold weather or shaking in excitement for food. Sometimes it’s much more complicated. It’s important to be able to recognize discomfort and advocate for your pet’s health.

Here are a few signs that can alert you to your dog’s condition if you’re unsure about their shakes and tremors:

  • Distemper: Canine distemper is caused by a virus that affects puppies and younger dogs who aren’t fully vaccinated. Along with tremors, look out for coughing, fever, nose discharge, and eye leaks.
  • Nausea: Dogs are a lot like us. They get upset stomachs when they eat too much food, eat something that has gone bad, are suffering from motion sickness, or ingest something non-edible or not safe for dogs.
  • Poisoning: If your dog has consumed toxic substances or chemicals, you’ll notice your pet shivering or shaking along with symptoms of diarrhea, seizures, or drooling.
  • Seizure disorders: Epilepsy can affect dogs, too, and it’s critical to have your pet treated with quality care to prevent future seizures or ensure they haven’t hurt themselves. Signs to watch for include chomping, drooling, twitching, stiffening, jerking, loss of consciousness, or foaming at the mouth.

Shaking can also be signs of generalized tremor syndrome (GTS), food allergies, injury or muscle spasm, old age and pain, excitement, anxiety, or fear.

When To Seek Treatment

When your dog’s shaking is accompanied by other behaviors such as diarrhea, vomiting, or physical discomfort, it’s time to see your vet. Shaking shouldn’t interfere with your dog’s normal behavior. Untreated illnesses or injuries can become more severe and compromise your dog’s health.

Germantown Vet Offers the Best Care for Your Canine Friend

We’ve provided unbeatable care for pets since 1983. Our veterinary clinic offers caring and kind veterinarians who treat your dog in state-of-the-art facilities. If you’re unsure why your dog is shaking, schedule a primary pet care appointment and let our vets help diagnose and treat your dog.

We offer easy scheduling, convenient payment options, and superior dog care.

Call 240-252-7467 or contact us to let our professionals help your best friend keep running, jumping, and shaking with excitement.

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