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Why Is My Cat Always Hungry?

nsplash Hungry, hungry kitties! Do you have a cat who is always chowing down? There can be a lot of reasons why your cat is always hungry that range in severity. Our expert vets can help give you an idea of whether or not you should be worried about your cat’s bottomless stomach. 

If you have a cat who is always hungry, but never seems to gain any weight, give us a call to schedule an appointment!

Cause for Concern

Hyperthyroidism or Diabetes

Both of these diseases cause a big increase in appetite. Hyperthyroidism makes your cat’s metabolism burn calories too quickly, while diabetes prohibits your cat from getting the proper nutrients in the first place.

Warning signs: If your cat is eating and drinking a lot, but still losing weight or staying skinny, make an appointment at Germantown Vet right away for testing and treatment.


As a parasite, roundworms leech on the body’s resources and take all the nutrition from your cat’s food. It’s very important to get your cat tested for roundworms if you suspect an infestation because they are contagious to humans.

Warning signs: If your cat has a sudden increase in appetite and begins to swell, this can be a sign of roundworms and should warrant an immediate trip to the vet.

Other Reasons for Overeating

Although any time your cat is overeating it’s a bad sign, the following are less severe concerns.


Much like humans who binge on ice cream or pizza when they’re upset, this can also happen for cats. Eating food can be a self-soothing behavior for cats. If you believe your cat is depressed, try to engage him or her in interactive play. Start slow and give a lot of positive reinforcement.


Again, like humans, cats will eat just because they’re bored. There are two simple fixes for this problem: provide more stimulation around the house by way of toys, play structures, etc. and leave less kitty kibble out. You can also combine food and play by using puzzle toys that make him or her work for food.

Lack of Nutrients

The difference between cheap cat food and nutrient-rich cat food is vast. If your cat is eating a food that is not meeting his or her nutritional needs, he or she will continue to eat and eat, which can result in obesity and other health issues. Although higher quality foods may seem more expensive up front, it often works out that you can feed less high quality food to fulfill the same need, thus lowering the overall cost.

Get Help With Your Hungry Kitty

If your cat won’t stop gobbling down his or her food, call the experts at Germantown Vet. We can provide advice and information about your cat’s overeating and determine if there are any other underlying causes.

Contact us online or by phone at (240) 252-7467 to learn more!

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