Senior Cat Care in Germantown

Senior cat care is often an overlooked specialization in veterinary medicine. But as we’ve learned more about our furry companions and taken better care of them, they’ve lived longer lives—the average pet now lives 3.6 years longer than it did in the 1950s! As your cat gets older, he or she could develop health complications requiring treatment. Taking care of your pet during its senior years is a responsible choice to ensure the best quality of life.

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Save on Your Senior Cat Care

We offer wellness plans for every age and stage of your cat’s life, including a senior cat health plan. The Complete Health Senior Cat Plan includes the following annual services:

  • Two comprehensive physical examinations
  • Four office calls/examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Lab work (including fecal exams and heartworm tests)
  • Parasite control
  • 10% discounts on flea control and heartworm prevention medication
  • And more!

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Senior Cat Care at Germantown Vet

At Germantown Vet, we treat our aging patients with more care than ever. We recommend you visit us at least twice a year for wellness exams. Our sophisticated in-house laboratory can quickly and accurately analyze blood, urine, and fecal samples for early detection of any problems.

During your visits, we can also go over other factors in your cat’s life, including but not limited to:

  • Diet – Your cat’s dietary needs will change as he or she gets older. Bring your furry family member to Germantown Vet for counseling and advice about an appropriate eating regimen.
  • Exercise – As your cat ages, his or her mobility could suffer. Learn how much daily exercise your feline friend needs and how you keep him or her active!Brown Persian cat sitting.
  • Lifestyle – You might notice more fatigue, anxiety, or other behaviors as your cat approaches his or her senior years. The experts at Germantown Vet can help you make the appropriate lifestyle modifications for the ultimate senior cat care.

Signs of Senior Aging in Cats

As your cat gets older, you’ll notice clear physical and behavioral signs of aging, and indicators that he or she could benefit from senior pet care:

  • Slower pace – You’ll notice this as your cat gets older. Your cat might not run as fast as he or she used to. It could also take more time for your cat to sit or lay down. Bring him or her in to Germantown Vet to learn more about mobility problems and how you can best manage them.
  • Graying hair – Your cat might have more gray hair around its mouth, muzzle, or major joints.  This is usually just an aesthetic concern—bring your four-legged friend in if you’re concerned about major or sudden changes in your pet’s skin or fur.
  • Reduced hearing – Does your cat respond less frequently to your calls? It could be his or her hearing. Hearing diminishes as your cat ages. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about senior cat care for your pet’s ears.
  • Cloudy or “bluish” eyes – Your cat could develop a bluish “haze” in the pupil. Regular wellness visits with our certified veterinarians can help manage vision problems as your cat gets older.
  • Muscle atrophy – It’s not uncommon to notice muscle atrophy in your cat’s hind legs as he or she ages. An appointment with us can determine if it’s evidence of painful arthritis or an indication of other systematic diseases and help us find the best treatments.

Keep your aging cat happy and healthy by making an appointment with us. We can go over any concerns you have with your pet’s health and its wellbeing. Don’t wait until a symptom of old age becomes a major complication—regular visits with us can ensure your pet leads a healthy life!

Contact us online or by phone at (240) 252-7467 to schedule your appointment.

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