Flea & Tick Control for Dogs in Montgomery County, MD

When it comes to treating fleas and ticks, one ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure! It’s much easier and less expensive to keep your dog pest-free than it is to rid the animal, your home, and your family of fleas and ticks. That’s why you should select a pest prevention product for your dog and start using it right away.

To learn more about flea and tick prevention, or for help selecting the right treatment for your dog, please call Germantown Vet at  (240) 252-7467 today.

The Importance of Flea & Tick Prevention for Dogs

Here are the benefits of making pest prevention a priority for your dog:

  • dog-mangePrevent allergic reactions and skin infections: Did you know it only takes one bite for your dog to have an allergic response to the fleas living on their back? Many pets are allergic to flea saliva, which can lead to swollen, broken, and infected skin when your dog scratches at the bite. This can be very painful for your pet.
  • Prevent tapeworms: Fleas are known to carry tapeworms. If your dog ingests a live flea, the tapeworm could grow in their digestive system and cause even more problems.
  • Prevent tick-borne diseases: Romping around the bushes is all in good fun until your dog picks up a tick. Then, in addition to the blood loss and discomfort associated with tick bites, the animal is at risk of developing Lyme disease, tularemia, tick paralysis, babesiosis, canine ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Prevent a flea infestation in your home: When your dog carries fleas or ticks inside, it doesn’t take long for an infestation to set in. Getting rid of parasites requires tedious cleaning, vacuuming, and fogging—all of which can be avoided with preventative treatments!

How to Choose a Flea & Tick Prevention Product for Your Dog

There are many ways to keep your dog flea- and tick-free. Here’s a look at your top options:

  • Topical treatments such as Frontline Plus and Revolution are popular today. You apply the product to your dog’s body once a month to drastically reduce the risk of pest infestation.
  • Oral tablets provide full-body protection with a once-a-month pill or chewable tablet. You’ll need a prescription from your veterinarian because oral flea and tick prevention products aren’t available over the counter.
  • Collars are a good choice for pets that refuse to take pills. This economical option lasts for about eight months before you must buy a new one. One drawback is that some animals experience skin irritation from wearing the collar.
  • Shampoos, sprays, and dips are cost-effective ways to kill fleas and ticks on contact. These are appropriate options for pets that already have a parasite problem.

For advice on which preventative treatment to use, consult with the experienced veterinarians at Germantown Vet. We can write your pet a prescription if necessary.

How We Can Help with Flea & Tick Prevention

Germantown Vet can help with flea and tick prevention by connecting you with the products you need to help your pet live pest-free. Our veterinarians will help you select the best prevention for your pet and your lifestyle, and we’ll even help you learn how to put it on your pet. We will also discuss some techniques you can use in your home and yard to help ward off these bugs. You will leave with confidence knowing that you are doing all you can to get rid of parasites on your pet and in your home.

Call Germantown Veterinary Clinic at (240) 252-7467 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to discuss flea and tick prevention.

Start Flea & Tick Prevention for Your Dog Today

Fleas and ticks often come out of nowhere, so don’t wait until an infestation takes over your home to do something about these pests! Administer a preventative treatment to help your dog stay happy, healthy, and pest-free.

To start your dog on flea and tick prevention medication or treat an existing pest problem, please contact Germantown Vet in Montgomery County today.

FAQs about Flea & Tick Prevention

What safety precautions should you take with flea prevention medication?

Never apply these medications without talking to your vet first. Wear gloves when applying the medication, and apply it in a place your dog cannot reach to lick, like the back of the neck. If you have more than one pet, keep them apart until the medication dries. Many of these medications are harmful if swallowed.

How long does flea and tick prevention take to work?

It takes about 24 hours for fleas to die after going on to your pet when you’re using prevention methods. Keep in mind that you may still see fleas because new fleas can jump onto your pet after applying the medication, and it will take time for them to die.

I treated my pet, so why am I still seeing fleas in my home?

Flea and tick prevention only kills the fleas and ticks on your pet. If they are in your carpet or on your furnishings, Flea and tick prevention will not kill them. They will be able to jump onto your pet again, where it will take a little while for them to die off. That’s why we recommend treating your home as well as your pet if you have an infestation.

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