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nsplashAdopting a new dog or cat is an exciting time, and you need the right medical team on your side to help with this transition. Germantown Vet offers the services of a full-service animal hospital.

Whether you’re adopting your first puppy or kitten and want to start them off right or you’re taking in a senior pet who needs end-of-life care, we’re here for you every step of the way. We also stock the supplies and food you need to support your pet’s ultimate health.

For all your pet care needs, count on Germantown Vet. Call (240) 252-7467 to schedule an appointment.

Pet Checkups, Primary Care, and General Wellness Appointments

Pet wellness care is at the heart of what our hospital offers. You can bring your pet to us for:

Our caring veterinarians will ensure your pet has all the necessary care to live a healthy life, and that starts with checking for routine wellness.

Schedule a wellness check or checkup today by contacting Germantown Vet.

Diagnostic and Surgical Services

In addition to helping with general wellness, our veterinary team can diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries. We also offer surgery on-site, so your pet can get the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

Our diagnostic and surgical services include:

Contact our team for help with these diagnostic and surgical concerns.

Additional Veterinary Services

In addition to these, we also offer:

Schedule your appointment with Germantown Ve today by calling (240) 252-7467 or contacting us online to schedule an appointment.

Reducing Stress for Your Rescued Pet

In addition to taking care of medical needs with the help of Germantown Vet, there are steps you can take to reduce stress for a shelter pet at home. Some tips from our veterinary team include:

  • Stock up on the right supplies: Visit our hospital to get healthy food and have plenty of water dishes, toys, and comfortable places to sleep.
  • Consider behavioral training: Many shelter pets have behavioral quirks. Practice training to help them feel safe and comfortable in your home.
  • Ease your pet into being alone: Shelter pets are rarely alone, and yours might feel frightened at first. Try to ease into longer and longer periods of alone time before leaving your pet all day.
  • Give your pet time to adjust: It takes time to adjust when a new shelter pet comes home, so give your pet a few weeks of low-key family life.

Germantown Vet is here to help every step of the way. We recommend scheduling an appointment within the first six weeks of your adoption to plan for vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and other preventative services with our veterinary team.

Call (240) 252-7467 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for your rescued pet to be seen by our veterinary team.

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