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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? At Germantown Vet, we believe all dogs, no matter their age, can benefit from basic obedience training. In our dog training classes in Montgomery County, MD, we cover everything from basic doggy skills and good citizenship to specific behavioral problems and more!

Sign your four-legged friend up for dog training in Germantown, MD, today by contacting us or calling (240) 252-7467.

About Our Dog Training Classes in Germantown

Puppy & Dog Obedience Training

No matter your dog’s obedience level, our talented trainer can help get you and your pet on the right track. During our basic dog training classes, we’ll cover things such as:

  • Choosing commands for your dog
  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Sitting
  • Coming when called
  • Staying
  • Lying down
  • Disciplining correctly and effectively
  • And more!

If you have specific concerns about your pet, such as socialization, behavior, or manners, we can customize our dog training classes to suit you and your pet! By working with our trainer, you will learn how to encourage appropriate behavior and develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust between you and your dog.


Sign your canine up for dog training in Germantown, MD, today by contacting us or calling (240) 252-7467. 


The Benefits of Professional Dog Obedience Classes Near Bethesda

Why Is Dog Training So Important for Your Pet?

A trained dog is a happy dog. Not only will training give your dog a purpose and a task, but it also lets your dog do the one thing they want to do most: make you happy. Most dogs thrive on pleasing their humans, and training gives them the perfect opportunity to do this.

There are a lot of benefits to dog training, including:

  • Safety – The most important aspect of dog training is probably safety. Not only is a trained dog safer when walking on a leash and around other dogs, but they can be much safer in their environment as well.
  • Purpose – Most dogs want a fulfilling and rewarding job or task to perform, and training is a great opportunity to provide this. It gives both you and your dog something to work on together.
  • Quality of life – Not only is your dog happier when they are making you happy, but having a task and confidence in their environment can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life.


Germantown Vet — Montgomery County’s Favorite Dog Trainer

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At Germantown Vet, we’re pet owners too. Family-owned and -operated, we treat our patients and their owners as we would treat our own pets and family members. Our veterinarians take the time to listen, educate, and create a customized plan for your pet’s health. It is important for us to treat each pet and its owner as individuals with their own needs and concerns.

Whether your dog is a puppy school dropout or just in need of some basic manners, our dog training classes are perfect for you.


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