Pet Poison Control Services in Germantown, MD

If your pet ever experiences poison or toxin exposure, immediate action and correct advice are critical. There is no time for panic or delay. Germantown Vet has laid out some animal control poison control resources for you to use in the event that your furry friend experiences an emergency.

If your pet is experiencing a poison emergency, don’t hesitate to call Germantown Vet at (240) 252-7467 immediately or contact us online.

Common Causes of Pet Poisoning

While it’s vital to know who to call if your pet is exposed to a pet poison, the best way to protect your pet is to prevent exposure, to begin with. Some common causes of pet poison exposure include:

  • Toxic foods like grapes or chocolate
  • Pain relieving medications
  • Sugar-free gum and candies
  • Household plants like lilies and poinsettias
  • Antifreeze

All of these items are enticing to your pet but potentially deadly. Keep them far out of reach or completely out of your home.

If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, call us immediately at (240) 252-7467.

Who to Call for Pet Poisoning

If your pet has been exposed to a poison, you need to get help fast. Germantown Veterinary Clinic offers pet poison control services. You can also call the ASPCA pet poison control number at 888-426-4435 for immediate assistance. If your pet is facing a poisoning emergency, take them to the nearest emergency vet as quickly as possible.

Mild vs. Serious Pet Poisoning Cases

If you suspect your pet has gotten into something dangerous, the best course of action is always to give us a call. However, some cases can wait for pet poison control services. If your pet just appears mildly ill, you may not need to seek immediate help. If you are noticing serious reactions, then you have a pet poison emergency and need to get help quickly.

Call (240) 252-7467 if you suspect pet poisoning.

What Is a Pet Poisoning Emergency?

While all cases of pet poisoning need to be addressed, some can wait for a normal vet appointment, while others are severe cases that need immediate attention. Make sure you get immediate veterinary attention if you are noticing:

  • Agitation
  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Heart problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme lethargy

If you notice any of these problems, your pet may have severe poisoning. Call us immediately at (240) 252-7467 or visit the emergency vet for help.

Here Are Ways to Handle Pet Poison

  • Home Remedies – If your pet experiences a poisoning emergency, be sure you do not give your pet any kitchen supplies like milk, peanut butter, vegetable oil, or salt. Though some online forums may tell you they will help assist, none of these kitchen staples should be given to a pet in distress. Pets can experience adverse reactions from these “at-home remedies” without veterinary instruction or supervision.
  • Transporting a Poisoned Pet – Taking care of a sick pet requires extra precautions. If your pet is sedated, transport him or her to the car to take to the vet. Be very careful to watch your pet during the entire trip to the vet, as byproducts of these poisons can be extremely harmful to your furry friend.
  • Inducing Vomit – Many pet owners assume that they should induce vomit when their pet ingests something poisonous. However, forcing your pet to vomit can possibly cause more harm than good if done improperly or at the wrong time. The most important part is to always seek veterinary advice before inducing vomit or administering any other kind of treatment on your own.

Call Germantown Vet for Poison Emergencies

If you believe your pet has been poisoned, the first thing you should do is call trusted veterinarians like our team at Germantown Vet and drive your pet to the doctor as quickly as possible. If you are unable to drive your pet to our doctors, be sure to call (240) 252-7467 immediately.

Contact our team online for more information on how to handle pet poison control situations. Our goal is to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Pet Poisoning FAQs

What should I do if I suspect my pet is poisoned?

You can call the ASPCA pet poison control number at 888-426-4435 to get poison control help over the phone. You should also consider taking your pet to the nearest emergency vet if your vet is not available to see them.

How soon will a pet have symptoms if poisoned?

The type of poison your pet gets into will impact how long it takes for symptoms to develop. For example, in dogs, chocolate poisoning can show symptoms with 6 to 12 hours of ingesting.

Why is my dog shaking?

Pets who have been poisoned may have a body tremor. If you don’t find another cause of a tremor, such as nervousness, cold temperatures, or excitement, call your vet right away.

What can I give my pet if they were poisoned?

Do not attempt to treat a pet for pet poisoning without professional help. The right treatment will depend on what they got into, so call your vet or the pet poison control number for help.

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