Primary Pet Care Services in Germantown, Maryland

Does your dog have fleas? Do you think your cat may have an eye infection? Or perhaps you feel like something is wrong with your pet but aren’t sure what the problem is. Before letting your imagination get the best of you, schedule a primary pet care appointment with Germantown Vet. Germantown Vet provides a variety of pet care services in Maryland for dogs, cats, and pocket pets.
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Common Pet Care Services in Maryland

Some of the most common pet care services include treatment for:

  • Allergies – If you notice your pet is sneezing more than usual, it might be allergic to something in your home or their environment. Call Germantown Vet to determine your pet’s allergies.
  • Arthritis – Have you noticed your pet is moving a little slower than usual? It could be arthritis or another joint disorder. Germantown Vet can help you get to the source of this symptom. Learn more about dog arthritis and cat arthritis.
  • Behavioral Disorders – Does your pet get anxious when you leave the house or act aggressively towards guests? Schedule an appointment with Germantown Vet to see if your pet’s behavior indicates an underlying medical condition.
  • Digestive Disorders – Whether your pet has a stomach virus, bacterial infection or even a food allergy, consult Germantown Vet for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Ear Diseases – Cats and dogs use their ears for a variety of processes and behaviors, from hunting prey to hearing their owners walk through the front door after work. Ear infections can significantly impact a pet’s health and quality of life. Learn more about dog ear infections and cat ear infections.
  • Eye Diseases – Eye infections, cataracts, lens stiffness and glaucoma can all contribute to vision impairments and even lead to blindness. Schedule an appointment to prevent minor eye infections from turning into major eye diseases.
  • Itchy Skin – Whether it’s dermatitis, dandruff or another condition, Germantown Vet can conduct a thorough analysis of your pet’s skin and fur. Sometimes more dangerous illnesses initially manifest themselves on an animal’s skin, so it’s important to treat any symptoms immediately. Learn more about dog skin conditions and cat skin conditions.
  • Parasites – Parasite infections include tapeworms, heartworms, hook worms, ear mites, fleas, and even Lyme disease. Parasites can lead to other blood disorders like anemia if not treated, so it’s important to get these conditions treated as soon as possible. Learn more about flea and tick prevention, dog parasites, and cat parasites.

Other Pet Care Services in Maryland

In addition to the conditions listed above, Germantown Vet offers:

  • Treatment for Blood Diseases – Besides anemia, many cats and dogs develop leukemia and other cancers of the blood later in life. Blood diseases can have significant effects on other organs and health systems, so don’t hesitate to call Germantown Vet if you think your pet has a blood disorder.
  • Euthanasia Services – It’s always a difficult decision to part with your pet, and we are here to help. Call Germantown Vet for counseling and advice.
  • Geriatric Medicine – Germantown Vet provides a variety of senior pet care services for cats and dogs. From nutrition to exercise and medications, we work to give your pet the most optimal quality of life even during its older years.
  • Pain Management – During the end of your pet’s life, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. If you’re seeking pain management for this or any other reason, contact Germantown Vet.
  • Spays and Neuters – It’s important to have a trusted veterinary professional spay or neuter your pet. For more information about this pet care service, talk to an expert at Germantown Vet.

Was your pet care service not listed? Would you like to know more about our pet care services in Maryland? Opening its doors in 1983, Germantown Vet has over 29 years of experience providing pet care services for cats, dogs and pocket pets in the Montgomery County, Maryland area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your pet’s health care needs.

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