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Are you looking for a reliable animal hospital near Potomac? Germantown Vet is the largest, best equipped, and most well-staffed primary care veterinary clinic in upper Montgomery County. Our exceptional animal hospital features state-of-the-art equipment, experienced and highly educated veterinarians, exceptional vet care, and more.

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Services at Our Potomac Animal Clinic

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We offer a wide range of cutting-edge services at our animal hospital near Potomac, MD, including:

Primary Care

Our facility provides exceptional primary care veterinary services, such as:

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Pet Surgical Suite & ICU in Potomac

As a primary care animal hospital, our surgical suite and ICU are second to none. When your pet is in surgery, our professionally trained veterinary staff constantly monitors your pet’s vital signs to make anesthesia as safe as possible. Germantown Vet has all the latest monitoring equipment, including ECG, blood pressure, carbon dioxide, and oxygen levels, and body temperature. We pride ourselves on having the same level of care for pet surgery as a human operating room.

After surgery, trained veterinary nurses monitor pets in the ICU while they recover. As an added feature, any time your pet has to stay with us overnight, our live-in veterinary nurse will check in on them during the night so you can be sure they’ll have everything they need. Should a problem arise, our veterinary doctors are on call and available at all hours.

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Dentistry & Digital X-Rays for Pets

Dental observation is especially important to your pet’s health because infections in the teeth, mouth, and gums can spread to other parts of your pet’s body, infecting organs like the heart and liver.

Germantown Vet was one of the first animal hospitals in the Potomac area to offer digital dental X-rays. Digital X-rays are essential for a complete examination of your pet’s dental health. Many dental problems are below your pet’s gum-line and are only visible with X-rays. Our doctors are able to find many painful problems that other animal clinics have missed. With digital X-rays, Germantown Vet is also able to consult with dental specialists while your pet is still under anesthesia because we can simply email the X-rays. This often helps avoid a second procedure.

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Veterinary Acupuncture in Potomac

Germantown Vet is proud to have a certified veterinary acupuncturist on staff at our animal hospital. Acupuncture if an ancient form of medicine that has been used on people and animals for thousands of years to help treat certain diseases and pain. Our certified veterinary acupuncturist, Dr. Eastep, is skilled in helping treat many ailments for dog, cats, and pocket pets with acupuncture.

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Other Vet Services

Some of our other vet services include:

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