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The key to a happy home is a healthy pet—at least it is for most pet owners out there! At Germantown Vet, we believe that you can’t have a healthy pet without having a good general wellness plan in place—including annual wellness exams for your furry friends. General animal wellness care is essential to help prevent disease, gain more insight about your pet’s health, stay up to date on vaccinations, and treat any minor illnesses before they become major.

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Our General Pet Wellness Services

One of the most basic pet wellness services Germantown Vet provides is a complete physical examination. During the examination, your veterinarian will:

  • Check your pet’s heart and lungs – Doing so allows your doctor to listen for irregularities, cardiac disease, infections, and other signs of illness or disease. Cardiovascular health is vital if you want your pet to live a long and healthy life.
  • Examine your pet’s teeth – By the age of three, most animals experience some kind of dental disease. Veterinarians also use this time to make sure puppies and kittens are losing all their baby teeth. February is dental month at Germantown Vet, but any time is a good time for a pet dental visit!
  • Look at your pet’s eyes – Dogs and cats are susceptible to cataracts, lens stiffness, scratches, and other eye infections. Because they aren’t able to communicate these problems with their owners, it’s important you schedule regular wellness visits with a veterinarian.
  • Check your pet’s ears – Animals use their ears for many of their daily activities, making ear infections and diseases a common ailment. Our experts can use an ear cytology to determine if your pet has an ear infection. Learn more about dog ear infections and cat ear infections.
  • Feel for the lymph nodes, skin, and abdomen – The veterinarians at Germantown Vet check for abnormal lumps, skin discolorations, abdominal lacerations, hair loss, fleas, and ticks. A pet’s hair and skin often serve as the most obvious indicators of overall health, which is why this part of our pet wellness services. Learn more about dog skin conditions and cat skin conditions.
  • Check your pet’s joints and muscles – Animals are often very poor at communicating if they’re in pain to their owners, and joint or muscle pain is exceptionally painful for your furry friends. The Germantown Vet staff runs a series of tests that analyze developmental issues, range of mobility, swollen joints, hip difficulties, excess weight, and even signs of arthritis.
  • Conduct laboratory tests – Lab tests and other forms of blood work allow us to look at the numerical data of your pet’s health and make better informed decisions. From vitamin levels to anemia, we can draw many conclusions from a simple, but telling, blood test.

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Making sure your pet is happy and healthy is our top priority, so visit Germantown Vet today for your pet’s general wellness exam.

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Veterinary Services FAQs

How do I schedule a veterinary appointment?

To schedule veterinary services for your pet, visit our contact us page, or call us today!

How often should my pet have a checkup?

We recommend that your pet have, at a minimum, an annual veterinary checkup.

How often does my pet need blood work performed?

Your pet should have blood work performed annually as a component of our routine veterinary services.

Does my indoor pet need heartworm prevention medication?

Yes. A common misconception among pet owners is that if their animal lives exclusively indoors they do not need heartworm prevention medication.

What vaccinations does my pet need?

Necessary vaccinations vary by pet species. Below is a list of pet vaccinations that are absolutely necessary for dogs and cats:

What veterinary services does your clinic provide?

We provide a comprehensive selection of veterinary services.

Do I need an appointment for general veterinary services?

Appointments are preferred for our veterinary services, but we will try to accommodate walk-ins if time permits.

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